Craft stories

Indiloom in its constant endeavour in providing sustainability with empathy has collaborated with numerous organizations in the field of craft. We value the relation the artisan has to its craft to make it stronger. Since ages, the enormous knowledge behind crafts has been passed through lineage. It is extremely important to retain this tradition where craft is treated as an important part of the craft family. As an organization, we too understand this through our own experiences.

Recognizing our earnest efforts, several successful MOUs have been signed and implemented by us. Notable amongst them has been the collaboration with Jharcraft (Jharkhand Silk, Textile & Handicraft Development Corporation Limited), RMK Rashtriya Mahila Kosh, Ministry of woman and child development, Development Commissioner Handloom and Handicrafts Govt of India, Central silk board- Silk Mark, MSME and Khadi. 

Indiloom has worked even at the remotest part of the country. Signed  MOU for taking up various activities for the betterment of craft practitioner. 

Numerous projects on handloom and handicrafts have been taken up and implemented. Amongst them, many were even implemented at interiors of Naxal infested hinterlands of Jharkhand.

 It has undertaken many development projects & programmes for improving the socio-economic condition of the vulnerable section of society. We are especially working for the empowerment of women, tribals, downtrodden & underprivileged section of the society. Its notable work includes emancipation of artisans engaged in cottage industry.

As an organization, we provide adequate training and marketing facilities who are solely dependent on handicrafts.

 Indiloom has taken an extensive as well as the exhaustive responsibility of providing sustainability to craft practitioners whose livelihood is solely dependent on the craft. Identification of the craft practitioners is in itself a tough task. But with a group of like-minded and dedicated people, we are connecting with the crafts. Such people are skilled and bestowed with us which reflects the exemplary finished products of Indiloom. We aspire for a holistic development of the traditional arts in modern garb. 

With the interest of what the artisans want.. A livelihood with the craft and a decent standard of living and develop prosperous community village. A model village which will provide sustainability to their livelihood and craft.

An initiative to be a part of craft.